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Lviv State Choreographic School 

Children's THEATRE of BALLET

Declares a set of
2012 -2013
Recruit girls and boys:
Preparation of 5-8 years
First class - 9 years

Payment 150grn (preparatory), 50 grn(1 to Grade 8)

Questions, call (032) 261-03-19
Address Lviv, ul.P.Doroshenka 63.

In the schools teach:
Classical dance folk dance
A typical dance Modern dance
Gymnastics dance duet
Music Theory History of Ballet
Piano, History of Art
The school operates:
CHILDREN'S BALLET THEATRE In 2011 the school was established on the basis of a children's ballet theater. 29.05.11g. the premiere children's ballet "The Fox Mikita" 11.01.12g. The ballet "Cavalry Halt"
26.05.12g. The premiere of "The Seasons"
Pupils take part in concerts and performances at the opera house, festivals and competitions, tours abroad.

The ballet troupe of the Lviv Opera and Ballet for more than 60% consists of high school graduates.